Kenosha deserves journalism that serves it's readers and offers a platform for businesses to connect their advertising messages with the right audience in creative and engaging ways. In partnership with the Racine County Eye, the Kenosha Lens will do just that when we launch our new website on Oct. 4.

The site will feature the work of Daniel Thompson, who has eight years of experience in journalism, and Denise Lockwood, the owner of the Racine County Eye. Lockwood, who has over 20 years of experience, has written for the Kenosha News, Patch, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Southern Lakes Newspapers and CNI Newspapers.

She started the Racine County Eye seven years ago... quite frankly because she got tired of her editors telling her what not to write. Corporate-owned media has also lost a signficant number of reporters nationwide, which has created a void for local independent journalism that serves its readers.

But we need your help. We plan on launching the site soon, but will need about $3,000 to help defray development, operations, and marketing costs. Here are a few ways you can help.

Sign-up to receive our daily newsletter below, we'll kick off the site on Oct. 4. If you would like to help defray our start-up costs, please consider subscribing.

To connect your advertising message with our 150,000 plus southeastern Wisconsin readers, check out our Grow Your Business page. If you have any stories you would like to see on the Kenosha Lens, feel free to reach out to Daniel Thompson at


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